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Step Into Our Closet

We finally decided to do it. We’ve stopped talking about it and are thus here exposing ourselves for the neurotic clean freaks we truly are. Obsessed with organization in all of its forms.

We’ve been resisting social media for years. Why? Because we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re somehow above it (and we’re pretty sure we are).  But the flyers aren’t working. We’ve been posting flyers around our neighbourhoods in the east and west ends of Toronto and no one’s called. But that’s ok. Kind of.

We may just be the founding members of the anti-Facebook movement but blogging seems a little more benign.  Our intention for this blog is to market our services, provide amusing (we hope) stories, organizational challenges, tips, and to overcome our own resistance to the big black hole of social networking.

We love to throw stuff out! Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to help people overcome their incessant need to accumulate STUFF.  Stuff they don’t need, stuff that doesn’t fit, stuff they don’t use, stuff they don’t know how to say “goodbye” to.  Stuff their closets can no longer hold.

We’re not complete jerks though. We get it. We understand people attach meaning to things. But honestly, do you really need that 10 year old worn out t-shirt with the cats playing keyboard by moonlight on it? We know your mother gave it to you but it’s time to say goodbye (and you shouldn’t have been wearing it in the first place).

Consider this tip #1


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