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June 2, 2010 at 9:23 pm 2 comments

Recently a customer asked if we could help him get down to brass tacks with his tool storage situation. We readily obliged.

Most of us have at least a few tools lying around (and some have an entire closet or room dedicated to these “handy” items). We often own many different kinds of tools (which we hopefully know how to use), but carelessly store them in a manner that makes their use unlikely. The merit in organizing your tools comes when your sink is overflowing and you can easily identify the wrench you need to turn off the water. Fumbling through multiple tools can be frustrating, time consuming, and can leave you with another mess to clean up. We want to continue to make your life easier so we’re tackling your tools!

 Our customer, let’s call him Maynard, did not have his tools organized in an accessible or systematic way. They flooded an entire bookshelf (the horror), and various sections of the basement of his otherwise organized home. Technically he “knew where everything was” (a common misinterpretation for organization – easy NOW but frustrating LATER when things go missing or begin to pile-up making your place look dishevelled). Without a designated home for a tool it, along with your sanity, can easily be misplaced.

A bookshelf is for books not tools!

Newly appointed tool closet

After working with Maynard for a few hours we were able to compile his tools into one space (a closet no less) and the organizational and visual impact was immediate.

Our Pedantic Process:

  • Arrive with clear storage containers (with lids) or classic toolboxes, wide labels, markers, coffee and Valium
  • Map the space and make a goal (time frame, where tools are going to go, etc …)
  • Compartmentalize tools into piles or bins (i.e. screwdrivers, wrenches, screws, hammers, miscellaneous pieces, etc …)
  • Go through each pile and locate duplicates or unnecessary/unused items.  Place in  throwaway/giveaway bins
  • Dust and vacuum the space where the tools used to live as well as their new space   
  • Take the decidedly can’t-live-without tools and place them in the appropriate containers
  • Label containers
  • Place in new space so that the labels are visible 
  • Take Valium

Yes, the tools (sans the ones we gave away) now live here alongside what was left of the closet's original content.


No matter how many tools you own, they should be easily accessible and identifiable. We often end up with multiples of the same tool simply because we couldn’t find our existing version. Not only is this annoying (especially when you find your original laser level), but it’s also costing you money and storage space. 

We have a number of solutions for the tool minimalists, as well as the enthusiasts.

Shelves and peg boards (with or without outlines) are awesome!


Use small containers to store nuts and bolts.  Mason jars will also work.

Purchasing multifunctional tools (screwdriver with detachable heads or other) is a brilliant way to reduce your tool possession.


Don’t be a tool.  Edit your life.


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  • 1. amanda  |  June 5, 2010 at 5:26 am

    The organized tool closet with the labels looks awesome!

    And I totally got the Maynard reference. 😉

    Nice work!

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    […] Don’t forget about your tools […]


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