Step Into Our Refrigerator

July 15, 2010 at 12:29 pm 5 comments

It’s summer! Time to stock up on yummy local and seasonal produce.  No room? Make some by de-cluttering the refrigerator.  Make it a party!

Condiment Party – These items DO have a shelf life and they also take up space. Whether given as gifts, purchased for one-time events (BBQs, pilot recipes), fad diets (Stevia Syrup anyone?), or just to try (Blueberry Horseradish does sound interesting), we all have crusty jarred, plastic contained condiments we never use. Time to chuck them.

It may sound cheese-whizy but a Condiment Swapping Party is a super fun and easy way to get rid of unused condiments without wasting them.

Come to our Condiment Party! Bring a date and Tums!

Germ Party – bacteria runs rampant in fridges.  Give them a deep, thorough cleaning at least once every six months.  Mold and other non-edible properties live easily in the bottom of trays, fruit & veggie bins, and hidden dairy cases. While cleaning don’t forget to vacuum and scrub behind and underneath the fridge. Some models are equipped with a “dip pan” (not for potato chips) that sits underneath the fridge and collects excess moisture/liquid. This pan should be removed and thoroughly cleaned frequently.

Germs = No Nutritional Value!

Storage Party – Use Tupperware (glass if possible) to store food. Label the Tupperware including the date the food item was made or placed in the container.

Store vegetables in mesh bags for freshness.

Deodorant Party

(Or use a good ‘ol fashioned box of Baking Soda. Coffee grinds work too!)

Some items should be kept out of the fridge because they can ripen other produce (i.e. bananas)

Store berries uncovered and unwashed until you are ready to eat

Proper air circulation is a must. Make sure there’s space between products and leave vents exposed in fridge and freezer

The door of the fridge should only hold non-temperature sensitive items such as condiments

Outside Party – Refrigerators are high traffic areas. Papers, bills, phone numbers, invitations, pictures, post cards, to-do lists – your fridge can act as a short term organizing solution. If it does, (and you’re OK with that), invest in an organizer. Many such items are magnetic and will keep everything in one place.

What does the front of your fridge say about you?

It’s what’s inside that counts!


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  • 1. andrew  |  July 15, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    I’m a HUGE fan of the condiment party – LOL! I’ve got more than a few McD’s ketchups and Taco Bell hot sauces lying around… great tip girls!

  • 2. Karl  |  July 15, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    If you do not have any mesh bags lying around, you may also consider to use a cheese cloth to wrap produce in. These are eco-friendly and they keep the germs away from the bin bottoms – while keeping your veggies super fresh!

    The extra cheese cloth can also be used to make an excellent summer drink!

    • 3. Edit My Closet  |  July 16, 2010 at 12:13 pm

      Sounds like Easy Cheese! We love it. Thanks for such a great tip.

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