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July 21, 2010 at 7:41 pm 1 comment

A picture says a thousand words. Or does it? What if it’s lost in a pile of other photographs where no one can see it? What does it say then? We think not much.

Chomsky says we’re hardwired for narrative. If he’s right, photographs are perhaps one of the most effective and enduring examples of our need to tell and consume stories. Because they evoke memories, shared experiences, and a desire to visit the unknown, photos are worth proper preservation. And, we believe, digitally captured moments deserve to be organized and appreciated just as much as their printed counterparts.

Making the most of your photo collection is a snap!


Old photographs should be stored in cool, dry areas in an acid free photo box.  This will preserve the original, irreplaceable photos.

TIP: If you want to display a photograph but are worried about light/moisture damage, simply make a copy of the original. This can be done anywhere where pictures are printed (including many drug stores and grocery stores)

If physical pictures need to be stored, invest in photo albums. Organize the pictures chronologically or in any method that works best for you. The most important thing is that the pictures are readily available and easily accessible for sharing and perusing.

The Unclutterer suggests storing important documents and keys in a fireproof box.  We’d like to add important pictures and albums to the list!

Worried about forgetting pertinent details? Try dating and explaining the photo (name of person, where the photo was taken, etc …) on the back with an acid free pen. Otherwise, many albums offer a space to write something beside the picture.

If you’re working with digital photography – add information by right clicking on the picture, selecting properties, and choosing the details tab (Thanks Andrew – great tip!).

To create an electronic back up of your existing printed photos simply scan the pictures. You can do this at many internet cafes or commercial stationary stores.

Don’t forget to tag the photos when importing digital pictures. You can also organize the pictures into specific folders.

Creating a back-up is ALWAYS essential. When it comes to your digital photos you can download to an external hard drive, email a copy to yourself (GMAIL offers a good amount of storage space), or use an online source.


There are many different conventional and unconventional frames. If you have too many pictures to display, set a picture rotation schedule.

Always group photographs according to a theme (i.e. travels, family, points of interest, colour, etc…).  Random photo hanging can look messy and, well, random.

Turn photographs into gifts or keepsakes (i.e. mugs, calendars, key chains etc…)

Digital photo frame

Create a photo book through numerous sites such as

Or, for MAC users, directly through iPhoto

Customize your computer screensaver with multiple pictures that transition

Create a custom photo collage

Electronic devices are often equipped with photo slideshow capabilities. A number of the new gaming systems and many new televisions have the ability to create photo slide shows (some even set the slideshow to music and provide stylized transitions from one picture to the next). Looking at family vacation photos can be quick and relatively painless.

Utilize online sites that allow not only backup storage for your photos, but allow you to share the pictures with a select few or the whole world! Flickr and Photobucket offer a space to create an online community.

Or, start a blog!


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  • 1. andrew  |  July 22, 2010 at 8:38 am

    Thanks for the shoutout ladies!


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