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Step Into Our Spice Rack

We’re spicing it up!

The easier spices are to find and identify, the more likely they’ll get used.

In a pinch? Take inventory of the spices you already own. Go through them one by one and you may be surprised to discover you actually own Cassia Bark (or maybe not). We often purchase spices we already own but can’t find. Reverse that process by properly labeling, displaying, and storing spices.


There are endless options for new, streamlined, fun spice racks that add colour and flair to any kitchen.

Make your own magnetic spice rack – it’s easy!

We’re always fans of space/counter savers.

And hidden solutions.

For the techie, scientific, or more daring chefs (there’s something for everyone!).


Remember to always label spice containers! And, if storing in a cupboard, keep your top spices in front, or where they are easiest to reach.

How To Store Spices.

Use a coriander cleaning solution to disinfect and keep racks and shelves sparking!

What did the salt say to the pepper?
Season’s Greetings!


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Step Into Our Linen Closet

Ooooo the feminine luxury of a linen closet.  A home to clean sheets, bedding, towels, table cloths, slip-covers, beautiful bottles of linen water, floral sachets, and more.  For those who live in tiny, more minimalist spaces linen closets are hard to find.  You have to make your own.  But we think it’s well worth it.

Buy a cabinet or shelving unit specifically for linens!

Keep linen closets clean by removing the contents once a month and by wiping down shelves with lavender oil diluted with water.  Lavender oil disinfects and keeps linens smelling freshly laundered for weeks.


As always, edit the contents. Hanging onto a beautiful passed down quilt is one thing.  Hanging onto five year old faded sheets with holes is another.  Say goodbye to unused and outdated bedding and towels.  They ruin the opulence! Treat yourself to new sheets at least once a year – these materials touch your (and your lover’s!) skin. Donate items to shelters and drop-ins – always needed and appreciated.


Be discerning when it comes to what enters (and stays) in your linen closet.  Bath products should live in the bathroom. Ditto for cleaners. And remember to always fold sheets properly! 

If space and storage are issues try designating at least one shelf to linens only.  It’s hard not to feel like a truly together person with a well-organized, fresh scented, sparkling linen space.

Simple pleasures, simple pleasures

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Step Into Our Junk Drawer

We don’t believe in “catch-alls”, however, we do agree that the notorious junk drawer has merit and purpose. Many household items really don’t have anywhere else to live. And sorting through them from time to time is fun (in a time capsule sort of way). That being said, homes to miscellanea should be edited just like any other space.

Just because a drawer or closet can close does not mean it should be ignored!

Here’s an easy 5 step process:

1. Empty the contents of the drawer, basket etc…

2. Do a quick audit – get rid of trash and set aside things that belong elsewhere

3. Sort through the leftover content. Put like items with like.

4. Designate a certain space in the drawer or basket to hold each item.

Use a piggy bank for change (or any jar with a lid)

Or purchase drawer separators

These clip together in whatever configuration you choose!

5.  Once a month edit the junk. It’s amazing how quickly stuff accumulates.  Be conscious of putting things back in their correct home and your junk drawer editing will be a breeze.

For a more poetic interpretation check-out:

Happy Editing!

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Step Into Our Bachelor Pad

If your home is your castle it might be a good idea to spruce it up every once in a while. Lately we’ve been working with quite a few self-proclaimed “bachelors”.  Appalled by what we found in their homes, we’d like to take this opportunity to, alongside Mr. Dreamy, re-write the Western Canon of Bachelorhood.

Maintaining a clean, clutter-free space doesn’t have to be a production.  It can be as easy as drinking beer in the bathtub.  These tips and tasks take 15 minutes or less to complete.

Take out the trash/recycling. This small, simple step instantly de-clutters any space and quickly removes unforeseen odors.  It’s not a bad idea to invest in air fresheners/essential oils as well.

Empty ashtrays.

Wipe down the bathtub/shower, sink, and toilet (use a toilet brush!) after every use (the Magic Eraser makes it easy to clean the ring around the tub, soap scum and even scuff marks on walls! Or use a cloth, piece of toilet paper, or paper towel). Just do it. Cleaning as you “go” is less daunting and overwhelming than cleaning a disgusting build-up of grime once every four months.  Ugh.

Clean up after shaving. No one wants to encounter little unknown hairs in a bathroom (or anywhere else for that matter).

Change your sheets, towels, and dishcloths every week (even if you aren’t expecting,  err, guests). The sour smell of dirty linens and dishcloths is downright gross.

Place dirty clothing in a hamper or laundry bag. Something with a lid. Leaking smells from dirty laundry is a turn off we can’t describe in words (especially words used in a blog).


Toss rotting leftovers and other items you intended to consume.  Editing your fridge can be fun.

Hide lewd material anywhere but in the medicine cabinet.

Clean up the front entrance.  It’s the first area people see and sets a precedence for the rest of your personal space. Hanging a coat rack, hooks, or setting up a shoe rack can de-clutter the area and is incredibly useful when you need to find your belongings in a mad dash for the bar.

Buy a big basket or stylish box to throw miscellaneous stuff into. This will keep guitar pics, notepads, pens, and business cards off the coffee table and floor.  Find a consistent home for change (mason jars work well).

Vacuum.  Buy a Shop-Vac . They’re small, durable, and inexpensive. Put on your iPod, imagine you’re a rock star, presto fini.  Alternatively a dust buster is just as effective (and is even easier to store).

Numatic International Limited vacuums are now available in Canada and the US! They suck (but that’s what you want!).

Dust. Use a microfiber cloth, and cleaner of your choice, to ensure that the dust is being removed and not just moved around) Don’t forget the corners! Use the vacuum! Remember to clean those inconspicuous spots in your bedroom/bathroom or kitchen.  Believe us when we tell you ladies and discerning men NOTICE – and that dirt definitely impacts their decision to spend ‘quality’ time with you.

Access to outdoor space? Get rid of trash, beer bottles, cigarette butts and dying plants.

Take a break from Halo 3 and clean the unexpected.  Once in a while wipe down base boards, light switches, blinds, cupboards, the top of the fridge, etc… Pretend you’ll die if you don’t. Or that it’s you against the germs for survival of the Bachelor State.  

Whatever works.


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