Step Into our Holistic Closet

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We’re living in an age where “natural”/”alternative” therapies and products have merged with more western, traditional interpretations of health. They’ve also merged with our need to consume. As a result we’ve met many customers who seek assistance editing their supplements.

It seems everyone has a sales pitch around how to detox, have a more restful sleep, ward off illness, lose weight quickly, or have younger looking skin. These potions and lotions, in exchange for our hard earned money, are supposed to make our lives, and our bodies, “better”.

The problem is this: after being bombarded with a million “solutions”, we’re often left with many unused products (creating another health concern – clutter!).

It’s time to tackle excess vitamins, cleanses, teas, protein drinks, bars, skin care products, weight-loss supplements, natural anti-depressants/sleeping aids and even exercise equipment.

Editing your supplement containers, closets, and drawers is a lot like editing your spice rack and medicine cabinet.


Holistic products, either topical or ingestible, have a shelf life. Check the dates.

Compartmentalize and keep supplements used on a daily basis easily accessible. Keep daily vitamins (multi vitamins, B-complexes, Fish Oil ect…) in one compartment and store less frequently used products (sleeping herbs, anti-viral supplements, immune boosters etc…) in another.

Edit and assess frequently to avoid re-purchasing

Just like infomercials, product reps and advertisements try to sell (!) and their claims aren’t always accurate or right for everyone. Do your research! Consult trusted health care practitioners, your doctor, naturopathic doctors, homeopathic doctors, TCM professionals, and your gut. You know your body better than anyone else on the planet.

De-cluttering leads to a new you too!


Quick fixes are temporary, especially regarding extreme weight loss.  Long term commitments to health and wellbeing are always more effective.

Health food stores and products are expensive (edit your wallet!) – leafy green vegetables, sleep, water, and exercise (go for a walk!) are inexpensive (and free!) ways to restore and maintain health.

Don’t ignore the nutritional and healing benefits of everyday food. Obtaining this knowledge can (and we believe will) reduce supplement need.

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Vitamin who?
Vitamin for a party!


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