Step Into Our Collection

November 19, 2010 at 4:50 pm 1 comment

Surprisingly we’re not anti-collections.

We are, however, anti-collections collectively collecting dust.


There may be an anciently inherent need to collect (hunter-gather survival instincts anyone?) but modern day concerns are storage, dust, disposal, and the often experienced feeling of guilt when letting pieces (or an entire collection) go.

Beth collected troll dolls and stickers until she was thirteen. When she eventually outgrew her creepy doll and sticker book fascination, she couldn’t let them go.

Why? She had spent so many years, so much energy, and so much time hunting and gathering.  Throwing them away forced her to ask some tough questions. Was collecting a waste of time? An act void of meaning? A superficial indulgence available only to the economically privileged? An environmental disaster waiting to happen?  

What the?

As an adult (and professional organizer) she answers yes. And no.

Intelligent and conscious collecting has merit.  It can become a fulfilling hobby leading to new experiences. 

How does one find and maintain healthy collection bliss? By finding proper homes for treasures; displaying items wherever possible (otherwise what’s the point of having a collection?); frequently editing and dusting; and by overcoming the fear of saying goodbye (in an environmentally sound and conscious way, of course).    

Our New Age Note:

Collectables are often passed down and given as gifts (gift buying is easy when the receiver has a collection!). Be careful not to keep collections out of guilt, a false sense of emotional attachment, or fear you’ll never own enough.  “Just In Case Mentality” and “Scarce Mentality” are disempowering places to be.  

Collaborative Consumption is where it’s at.


Bye (not buy) for now.


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