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Step Into Our Holiday Cheer

Wishing you a safe, peaceful, and clutter-free holiday season!!

Gift cards can reduce clutter!


Edit My Closet


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Step Into Our Laundry Room

For those privileged enough to have a laundry room – this one’s for you. (Please note that these tips can apply to shared/communal laundry spaces as well.)
Washing machines and dryers get dusty quickly – clean them often. Dust the top, if they’re stacked, at least once a month to avoid a big ceiling-fan-type-dust- job. Dust shelves frequently as well. Laundry rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, should be kept pristine.
Empty the lint catcher after every use – dryers are more effective/efficient when there’s less fluff build up (this is true for most, if not all, things in life).

Use biodegradable and environmentally conscience laundry soap whenever possible – there are many options sold at every major grocery/department store and most are priced comparatively to the chemical crap.

We Love Laundry Tarts!

Edit laundry products frequently.  Never use that bottle of “special care” for the sheep wool sweater you no longer own? Toss it.

Sheep Soap

Storing bottles of bleach in your laundry room? Put a tray or a plate underneath to avoid potentially ruining shelves and cupboards.

Dust the top frequently

Laundry rooms are typically tiny – maximize space by storing things vertically and by keeping essential items only.

And why not use a wall mounted ironing board to conserve space?

And a drying rack to save money and energy? Collapsible racks save space and provide ample room for air drying (which equals less wear & tear, fading and shrinkage).

Ikea! Of course.

Pre-sort washables in separate laundry bags and baskets to save time.

Invest in lingerie/delicate laundry bags to help lengthen the life of delicate items and unmentionables!

Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. The result? Less lint, less wrinkles, and softer clothes.

Travelling to do laundry?

Keep all laundry tools (detergent, dryer balls, delicate bags, etc…) in an easy to carry bag. We suggest packing a cloth and cleaning solution to wipe down the folding tables as well (many people dump their dirty clothes on those tables!).

Make a point of collecting quarters, loonies and toonies throughout the week. Keep a laundry jar! You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you don’t have to scramble to find/make change for your next laundry date.

Jour heureux de blanchisserie!

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Step Into Our Cubicle

We’ve tackled the home office but many of us actually spend the majority of our waking and working hours in corporate spaces containing desks, cubicles, and board (bored?) rooms.

Work related clutter leads to distractions, headaches, and a sense of being overwhelmed.  It’s difficult to get anything done when stuff is literally piling up.  Edit, focus, and make your work space a reflection of the work you want to accomplish.

Work It Out

  • What are your challenges? Do you have homes (trays, filing cabinets, and desk room) for paper, office supplies and personal items? Do you need a coat rack?
  • What are you missing? What do you have too much of? Can you spend work hours shredding or filing? It’s a pain but the sense of accomplishment that follows is highly rewarding!
  • How much leeway do you have with your work space? Can you request additional cabinets?
  • Do you envy other co-workers desks? There’s nothing wrong with borrowing someone’s organizing solution!

Small solutions can impact efficiency in a big way

Get Results

Identify EVERYDAY items and make sure they’re easily accessible.

Stop printing EVERYTHING! Instead, access and read material electronically.

Personal items can be inspiring and encouraging but there’s a limit.  No one gives a bleep about your snow globe collection. Ditto for plants.

Keep it at home. Better yet, toss.

Compartmentalize space by designating areas (i.e. work to be done, work to be sorted, work to be filed, etc…) even if you only have a small desk to call your own.

Calendars are key! Invest in electronic and paper calendars (if your employer doesn’t already provide) as they prevent work related (and personal) appointments, meetings, and due dates from conflicting and piling up.

Dust frequently! The cleaners don’t do it! Trust us – we’re in the cleaning biz!

Keep one at your desk

Sticky notes can be extremely helpful and useful but too many of them posted around a cubicle

a)      look like crap

b)      look like you don’t know what you’re doing

Streamline by making and saving notes electronically.


As always refer back to our glorious 8 step organizing process along with our other helpful posts about home offices and desktop organization.


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Step Into Our Suitcase

Travelling is stressful if you’re not packed properly.

Make the experience more suitable! Here’s how:

Plan ahead. Bring only what you NEED! Mentally envision the trip. What are you doing? Where are you going? Are you walking a lot once you arrive? Fancy dinners?

Create a Universal Packing List to make this task much easier!

Use a sarong or small sheet to line your suitcase. Why? They provide a barrier between clean, freshly packed clothing and the suitcase (let’s face it, when was the last time the inside of your suitcase was CLEANED?!?). While traveling use the sarong to wrap dirty clothing (so it never touches the suitcase!). Brilliant, we know. We thought of it.

Check out BugZip for bed bug resistant suitcase encasements and liners.

We wish bedbugs looked like ladybugs!

Pack clothing that folds well (doesn’t wrinkle). Wrinkles also occur when too many items are jammed into a suitcase – planning ahead leads to significantly smaller luggage. Roll clothes to conserve space and reduce wrinkles as well.

Bring basics that match for multiple outfits, or double duty clothing (i.e. reversible skirts that double as a dress – 4 outfits in one!).

Wear comfy but stylish (no need to look like a slob on your holiday) airplane clothes – don’t forget warm socks or slippers! Airplanes are chilly and the air is circulated around your feet!

Keep dirty shoes separate. Many handbag and shoe companies offer a storing bag at the time of purchase. Perfect solution for keeping shoes away from clean, wrinkle-free, basic, multi-purposed clothing.

Do the same with dirty underwear.

Use reusable toiletry containers. Travel size shampoo is sometimes not enough. Why not bring along your favorite toiletries in compact containers? Choose stainless steel over plastic whenever possible.

Stay organized while traveling by using a toiletry bag with a hook to display necessities. They help to isolate any spills that may occur. We also suggest using plastic freezer bags to store anything that needs a little more protection (i.e. cologne/perfume).



Invest in a luggage weight! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to edit your luggage when checking-in at the airport.

No more weighting around the airport!

Always keep a change of clothes with you when traveling! Luggage is easily misplaced.

And it’s important to organize luggage and travel items when they’re not in use!

  • Vacuum or wipe-down with a drop of lavender oil after every use
  • Keep empty suitcase/bags inside one another (reduces floor/shelf space used)
  • Keep travel essentials inside your empty suitcase (i.e. travel pillow, eye mask, ear plugs, travel alarm clock etc…)

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