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February 18, 2011 at 8:38 pm 2 comments

We like to play Stacy and Clinton once in a while (Beth always gets to be Stacy – not fair, we know).  Love it or leave it, “What Not To Wear” catapulted “stuff editing” into the mainstream.  Their points around clothing, style, appropriateness and “just in case mentality” are always valid (and most times their targets have an emotional epiphany on air).   

Wardrobe editing has a huge impact on not only one’s sense of space (and closet) but on one’s self-esteem.  We live in a culture where clothing, style and image count and where clothing is a means of self-expression.

Here’s our version:

Remove all clothing from closets and wardrobes every six months (make it a seasonal routine). Be prepared to toss pieces.


Sort and put things in “like with like” piles. Go through each item (try on if necessary) and ask yourself:

  • Has it been worn it in the past six months?
  • Does it FIT?
  • What’s its FUNCTION?
  • Is it FABULOUS? Do I love wearing it? Or is it for slopping around?One should only own three or four slopping-around-the-house outfits. If you need more – you need an antidepressant.
  • What can I wear with it? Do I need to buy something to make it an outfit? Keep an ongoing list of items you need to purchase/replace.  This reduces random shopping trips and encourages in-depth wardrobe knowledge.

Jeans are tough - how many do you actually wear?

Toss pieces that aren’t being worn or that you’ve outgrown (physically or otherwise). Sentiment scared? Take a picture. And stop holding onto pieces just in case you’re invited to a theme party!  

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine wrote the book - it's such a helpful tool!

We all have unwanted, unused and underutilized wardrobe pieces.  Visibility is key (otherwise we forget items exist)! 

We all struggle with weight and body issues as well.  This leads to owning clothing in multiple sizes. Although a GOAL outfit is not damaging (and may actually be a source of encouragement) having more than a few can lead to negative feelings (and less clothing options). Clothes should make you feel good and should be an extension of the person you want to be (and thus are – Cheryl’s revisiting Descartes).

We all wish we had a walk in closet (an entire room wouldn’t suffice for Beth) but most of us don’t.

One day ...

Tips towards alternative closet luxury:

Use hanger alternatives or hire a custom closet configuration specialist! Email us – we know some good ones!

Vacuum sealed bags conserve space – perfect for seasonal storage.

Add a second bar to an existing closet – it doubles hanging space (no, not that kind of  bar!)

Ok, you deserve a bar after all the de-cluttering work.

Use hooks!

And keep dreaming.


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