Step Into Our Bookcase

February 25, 2011 at 7:08 pm 3 comments

Books are hard (and we’re not just talking about their covers!). 

Stories and resources that have transported us to other worlds, taught us something invaluable or have told our own story, compel us to hang on. Most people have the intention to revisit or reference, but do they?     


There’s also a sense of fulfillment that comes with owning (and displaying) numerous books (especially text books). When displayed in common living or entertaining areas, books spark conversations (not a bad thing). They also have the ability to make one look like an academic (definitely not a bad thing). 

Organize by genre and dust frequently!

The issues with book-ownership then lie within space, usage and packing (when it’s time to move or re-decorate a room). 

Go through your book collection and be honest – what’s really worth keeping? Why are you holding on? Could someone else benefit from the book? Trust that if you ever really need or want to reread something, you’ll find it.

Book Clutter Reduction Strategies:

Utilize your local library instead of purchasing books. Think of all the cute, smart, organized people you’ll meet! 

And share with (or simply give away) to friends. Keep a list of what you’ve loaned, and to whom, if you’re adamant on having them returned. We like leaving boxes of books labeled “Free” at curbsides and in public spaces like laundromats.


Sell books online (i.e. eBay, and to secondhand bookstores.

Donate children’s books to daycare centers, nursery schools, and anti-illiteracy programs.

Donate to your local library.

Use Freecycle!         

Sell relatively new text books to University and College students.


Check out BookCrossing to share your books with the world!

We love ebooks!

And you.



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