Step Into Our Winter Accessories

March 3, 2011 at 2:08 pm 3 comments

At dinner the other night some friends of ours graciously pointed out the fact one of us has been wearing the same winter hat for five plus years. Smirks quickly spread around the dinner table and we immediately knew the soft, practical, Made In Canada, doesn’t-itch hat has been a topic of discussion outside of our presence.


One of our more direct friends piped up: “It’s awful! It’s shabby looking and balling (the pre-2002 meaning) and I can’t understand how you of all people still own and wear it!”

Cheryl went home and chucked the hat. 

We hang on to “practical accessories” why?

  • Convenience
  • They serve a purpose (no matter how unattractive the item may be)
  • We think people don’t notice (they do)
  • We think people don’t care (apparently they do as well)
  • We get into a routine of just putting it on
  • We don’t want to shop for/spend money on new pieces


Spring is almost here and thus this is the perfect time to edit one’s winter accessories. Especially since said accessories have experienced wear and tear throughout the past six months (from harsh winter weather to salt galore).


Appearance matters. The four year old down-filled coat with the feathers hanging out, rips and salt stains needs to go. Nicer wool coats should be dry cleaned at least once every three months.  

And if you didn’t invest in proper winter boots (like you swore you would last year) start thinking about how to dispose of or clean up whatever your wet feet have been slopping around in.

Olive oil is a great all natural salt stain remover/polisher for leather and synthetics

Tips for storage:

Over the door storage, with clear/see through pockets, works well. Their purpose is to house shoes but we think they’re a great way to organize gloves, scarves, ear muffs etc… 

Not keen on the visual? Find hanging storage with closed pockets or over the door baskets. Containers/baskets in the door way or main entrance closet work as well. Or, if space is available, use a piece of furniture with drawers.   


Don’t let your scarf collection bottleneck streamlined storage.  Use hooks or fold nicely in your closet.

Invest in an electric fabric shaver to keep scarves and sweaters looking brand new!

Spring is almost here! Don’t flake out – start editing.


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  • 1. tjservance  |  March 4, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Okay, the hat story-waaaay to close to home (there goes half my winter wardrobe)! The bright side is this is great news for my Fall/Winter 2011 look.

    Thanks ladies!

  • 2. Edit My Closet  |  March 6, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Hats off to your new look!! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!) Thank you for the continued support.

  • 3. Step Into Our Swimsuit «  |  November 5, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    […] the various reasons many of us hang onto “practical” accessories, and clothing items, in a post last winter. Those same points apply […]


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