Step Into Our Basement

March 25, 2011 at 7:16 pm 1 comment

We have two opening lines for this blog. Choose whichever applies to you.

1) Your basement doesn’t have to look like your love life: dark and crammed with memories.

2) Spring is here!! Time to de-clutter overwhelmed and unused rooms and spaces.  Even unfinished basements deserve attention. Smiley face.

Either way, take time to sort through whatever’s being stored in your basement (for those lucky enough to have one). Spend an afternoon or two de-cluttering (and remember the process always makes a space look worse before better). 

Essential Item Storage Tips:

 Basements are damp – place things on shelves and racks to avoid moisture damage and centipede/silverfish infestation.


Use rubber storage bins for the same reasons, but be careful! We’re more likely to hold onto to things/not use them when they’re crammed into storage bins. Labels and pictures can alleviate this issue.  

Use bins with wheels if you don’t have shelves!

We love the idea of designating zones or areas (i.e. children’s play zone, game zone, storage zone, work zone, bar zone etc…).

The ever popular drinking zone ...

Always utilize under-stair storage (where available)


Label pipes, fuse boxes, etc… for easy access (like at 3:00am when your house guest decides to vacuum and make a smoothie and blows your breaker switch. You know who you are).   

And use our garage tips – they often apply to basement storage.

Toss with confidence and trust, trust, trust you’ll always be in a position to buy or find the item if ever needed.

The only thing scary about basements is the stuff.  Add colour, mirrors and decorate with stored-items!!

Happy Spring!!


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