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Step Into Spring Cleaning Part IV

Don’t be afraid to tackle basements, garages and storage rooms!

They can be dingy and dirty (not ours, of course) so wear appropriate clothing.

A Shop Vac is your BFF (ahem).  

Clean the light fixtures first – good lighting will show all the areas that need work!


Just be careful!

Cleaning storage spaces is an excellent opportunity to go through the contents of boxes and containers – fun!  Be sure to have plenty of garbage and recycling bags on hand.  And discard ethically.

Spring weather and damp, dark spaces = centipede and millipede infestation.

Keep things clean, dry and elevated to avoid being creeped-out.  Use essential oils to repel bugs (and to make your home smell dreamy).


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Step Into Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day!!

If you live in an eco-friendly, solar-fuelled home like the one above, chances are you don’t need a lot of advice around how to de-clutter and spring clean.

But most of us don’t and the reality is this: Earth Day is a celebration of the environmental consciousness raising that’s happening (and has been happening for decades) all around us. 


Earth Day is also an opportunity to reflect and to make change.  And here at Edit My Closet we truly believe change is most effective when:

a) it’s initiated in small steps

b) it begins at home.   

The first step is to evaluate our consumption habits (and to be honest).  Why do we buy what we buy? Is it emotional spending? Status spending? I deserve it spending?

Think you need to “upgrade” your phone? Think again:

Receiving gifts/items that go unused is a form of consumption rarely recognized – ask yourself why you’re holding on. The processes involved in manufacturing, packaging, shipping, purchasing, storing, using and discarding have a huge impact on the earth. Strategic shopping and de-cluttering are two ways the average person can evoke environmental change.  

Making space in your home and keeping it clean in ways that don’t cause further harm to the earth is an easy, viable “Green” initiative with an immediate impact.

See you next week as we wrap up our feature on Spring Cleaning and report on all of our neat findings at The Green Living Show in Toronto.

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Step Into Spring Cleaning Part III


We’ve conquered the public parts of your homes, now its time to spring clean your private spaces – ahem! Bedrooms and bathrooms require special attention. Some of the same rules apply:

1. Furniture needs to be moved to thoroughly clean the whole space.

2. Dusting is essential for a good spring clean!


Start with linens – wash all sheets, comforters, duvets, pillows, mattress covers and bed skirts.

Rotate the mattress!

De-clutter flat surfaces including side tables, desks and dressers (move them and get in there!).


Edit your closet! If it doesn’t fit, you don’t love it and it’s not used – it’s time to let it go.

While going through the closet, clean the shelves and cabinets before putting clothing back. Use cedar oil in wooden cabinets to repel moths.

This is an excellent opportunity to organize the closet into sections (i.e. pants, blazer, skirts, shirts etc…), hang all of the hangers and clothing in the same direction and get an overall fresh look to a space that is so often frequented.


Deeply clean the bathroom the green way!

Wash the walls to get rid of buildup from hair products, moisture etc…

De-clutter the medicine cabinet!

Spend some time looking at the products housed in the bathroom. Check expiry dates and ask yourself if you’re really using them or just saving them for a later date (a date that, in our opinion, never comes).

Clean the bathroom fan. These fans are often integrated into the ceiling so they may require dismantling.

Not a fan of manual dustingA good vacuum is your best friend!

Sparkle, sparkle!

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Step Into Spring Cleaning Part II

This week tackle the kitchen, living room/main living area and front entrance way!

Having a nap on the ironing board is perfectly acceptable!


Remove all items and dishes from the cupboards and drawers.

Wash and dry things that haven’t been used in a while (maybe toss them?).

Vacuum and wash the cutlery tray (we’re not kidding).

Definitely toss broken dishes or dishes with chips (they collect bacteria).

Organize your spices!

Wash down the empty cupboards and drawers and re-line (if you’re a liner user – the wholesome kind).

Use this time to wash cabinet doors (inside and out).

And don’t forget about your fridge!

Living Area

Living rooms are full of flat surfaces – de-clutter them by finding homes for things strewn about.

Vacuum thoroughly – baseboards, under the couch behind the entertainment unit. It’s tres important to vacuum underneath furniture. And it doesn’t move itself so enlist someone’s help. Like your cute new neighbour.

Use ammonia free glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to clean electronics.

Hate vacuuming? Invest in a robot!

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to steam clean couches and carpets. Especially if Superman’s been staying with you. If you have slip covers, or pillow covers, it’s time to clean them as well.

We’re a little obsessed with the Thymes Mandarin-Coriander all-purpose cleaner.  Use it to dust and clean your front entrance floor and door. It’s safe (all natural solution with essential oils) and will make your entire place smell and feel like spring.

Our last piece of advice – look up!  Clean the corners and dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.  It will instantly freshen the air in your home.

The key is to be thorough and clean/organize things missed throughout the year.

See you next week!

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Step Into Spring Cleaning Part I

Spring has sprung! And so has our introduction to spring cleaning – the Edit My Closet way!

We’re committed to easing our customers and readers into spring cleaning. Our philosophy is this: lightening up our living space better aligns us with the weather outside. And tackling tasks on our ongoing “to do lists” is the perfect way to begin.

Here are some easy wins to get you started!

 Finish the laundry (including the linens and duvets you’ve been putting off for weeks).  Fold, hang and put away clothing strewn across the bedroom (otherwise they cause a sense of “overwhelm” in a space that should be dedicated to serenity).

 While the laundry’s in the washing machine, busy those hands! For clothing that requires special care (i.e. hand washing delicates), use this time to give them the attention they deserve. Sew buttons, press shirts and get out the pill-remover.      

 Commit to bringing dry cleaning and items to be altered (including shoes, purses and belts) to the appropriate professionals.  Then do it.

Carve out time to fix that cupboard door, build that shelf unit and deal with all those small unfinished projects lying around the house. If you can’t do it yourself, call a professional.

 Attack the piles. File paperwork, shred the unneeded and toss the rest. If you’ve kept something (a free yoga pass or the phone number of a cute librarian) give yourself a due date to deal with it.  If the due date comes and no action has been taken – recycle the paper.

File Therapy

Just remember, a little goes a long way! Start with one small project and see it through until the end.

Easy wins go a long way ...

Happy Spring!

We’re obviously very excited.

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