Step Into Earth Day!!!

April 22, 2011 at 9:36 am Leave a comment

Happy Earth Day!!

If you live in an eco-friendly, solar-fuelled home like the one above, chances are you don’t need a lot of advice around how to de-clutter and spring clean.

But most of us don’t and the reality is this: Earth Day is a celebration of the environmental consciousness raising that’s happening (and has been happening for decades) all around us. 


Earth Day is also an opportunity to reflect and to make change.  And here at Edit My Closet we truly believe change is most effective when:

a) it’s initiated in small steps

b) it begins at home.   

The first step is to evaluate our consumption habits (and to be honest).  Why do we buy what we buy? Is it emotional spending? Status spending? I deserve it spending?

Think you need to “upgrade” your phone? Think again:

Receiving gifts/items that go unused is a form of consumption rarely recognized – ask yourself why you’re holding on. The processes involved in manufacturing, packaging, shipping, purchasing, storing, using and discarding have a huge impact on the earth. Strategic shopping and de-cluttering are two ways the average person can evoke environmental change.  

Making space in your home and keeping it clean in ways that don’t cause further harm to the earth is an easy, viable “Green” initiative with an immediate impact.

See you next week as we wrap up our feature on Spring Cleaning and report on all of our neat findings at The Green Living Show in Toronto.


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