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Step Into Our Board Game

If you haven’t played Candy Land since 1973, it’s time to say goodbye to Princess Lolly. 


If you’re holding on to games in hopes of passing them on, make sure the receivers (especially those under the age of 20) are interested. Board games today are unlike their pre-1991 counterparts (they’re digital, virtual and mostly take up space in the cyber-world only). 

And we believe board games are a lot like books – we hold on just in case we want to revisit.

But don’t get us wrong – we understand how a rousing game of Scrabble or Apples to Apples can be the highlight of a party (or, in Cheryl’s case, an entire social life).

Thus, storing them (within reason) is necessary.

It's an option ...

Board game boxes generally stack easily in entertainment units, closets and armoires. Carve out the space and remember to dust from time to time.  

Use Tupperware and plastic baggies to store miscellaneous pieces (i.e. dice, pencils, scorecards, pawns and those timers made with sand pebbles).

And remember, if the game hasn’t been played in over two years, it’s time to donate.

Everyone wins in the game of de-cluttering!!    

(We couldn’t resist.)


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Step Into Our Sock Drawer

We’re socking it to ya!

Socks should be compartmentalized like underwear

Purchase drawer dividers or segregate by colour and material.


And remember, as we step into sandal wearing weather, to recycle or reuse socks when they get holey or start to rip.

Beth & Cheryl

 Sewing is also an option, if you’re so inclined.

 Tips to avoid losing socks in the laundry:

Attach pairs together before placing in the washing machine. Use a mesh bag or safety pin.


No time to pair up? Check inside the washing machine (the sides and drum). Socks will also cling to sheets, towels and sweatshirts (in the dryer too!).  

Shake ‘em out to make sure they’re not lost forever to the sock netherworld.

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Step Into Our Sweater

We’d like to thank our good friend Mike Cassidy for his inspiration and support around this post.

We all own an article of clothing or accessory that has never been worn (for various reasons) or that has been worn but has taken an extended leave of absence in our wardrobe rotation. Mike’s article is a beautiful Scottish knit sweater given to him as a gift while living abroad. 

Unfortunately Mike wore the sweater until the sweater wore him. And over the years it slowly disappeared to the back of his closet. Upon a recent de-cluttering session he re-discovered this gem and has since inserted it into his wardrobe mix (in a more balanced way).

We all own these items. Beth’s is a vintage blazer she snagged from a family member years ago. Snubbing the fear the jacket was “too old” for her, she wore it once and received a gazillion compliments. The blazer is now a staple.


We see this all the time with bags and shoes and earrings and sweaters. We experience uncertainty and a sense of unsureness (it’s a word now) – but not enough to let go. 

Too Bright? Never!

Our advice?

  • Solicit the opinions of friends and trusted advisors.
  • Wear the items in question around the house – how do they feel? Pose in the mirror! Do you look or feel not-in-your-skin? Are they impractical? Too young, too old, too short, too faded, too 2003?

Too big? Nope.

  • Try them out – wear them to work, to school or to a party and see what kind of feedback you get (if any). How do people respond to you? Do you feel confident?

Cheryl wore these to a party and fell flat on her face. She was confident before she arrived. Lesson? Bring back-up accessories whenever you’re not 100% comfortable/stable. And eat dinner before drinking a bottle of red wine with a straw.    


Summer is almost here – the perfect time for a wardrobe assessment. 

Ask: what do I own? What will I wear? What do I need? What am I ready to toss?

Remember, taking a picture is an excellent way to preserve a memory while preserving space!

Enjoi! And don’t sweat it!

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Step Into Our Party


We were thrilled last weekend when asked to help de-clutter for a party.  Our customer thought he had time to prepare for twenty something guests – but he didn’t!

It happens! And we were more than happy to help (and happy to stick around afterwards for some fun – we owe you some vodka and a box of crackers Brian).

Quick easy wins are key when strapped for time. Here are some tips to make a messy place sit-able, stand-able and, by the end of the night, crawl-able.  


Consolidate loose papers (mail, coupons, flyers, business cards etc…).  Put them in a basket and then put them in a cupboard. Think Zen for a party.   


Do the dishes.  Do them quickly and get ‘em off the countertop.  


Wipe down the coffee table or communal table – remove art pieces, books and clutter to make room for drinks and snacks.

Won't hold potato chips!

Take out the garbage and recycling.

Do a quick vacuum or sweep. Five minutes, that’s it.

Lower the lights – plug in a lamp or light a candle.  Instant ambiance.


Cheat-clean the bathroom!

Take a towel or fiber cloth (piece of toilet paper works too) and simply polish the faucets.  No scrubbing necessary – this trick takes two seconds! The fixtures will shine! Do the same for the visible parts of the toilet (behind the seat and on top of the tank lid and toilet seat). 


A party‘s success is measured by how long the line to the bathroom is.

If you have time to spare, remove personal items from the front closet to hang up coats. No time? No worries. Your toilet sparkles.

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