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Step Into (Out Of?) Our Relationship

Editing a relationship is a far more difficult and emotionally charged process then say editing a pantry. But sometimes it’s just flat-out necessary. And we all know why. 

The word toxic may conjure up early 1990’s self-help rhetoric but we think it’s an extremely effective word to describe some of the relationships and people in our lives.  

Ever leave a phone conversation or dinner date feeling drained or irritated? Ever avoid phone calls from certain people? Or act in passive aggressive ways to avoid obvious manipulation? It’s time to say good-bye.  

We’re not claiming to be experts on breaking up with friends, family members, therapists, shoe care guys or dog walkers. But we do know this: staying in unhealthy relationships takes up valuable time, space and (sometimes) money.  

No we don't

And although the notion of healthy is subjective, we all have a pretty good idea as to what it means for our own lives and well-being. 

In other words, we’re all aware of which relationships make us happy and which ones give us a metaphorical (and sometimes physical) rash.

Our advice for proceeding is a lot like breaking up with clutter. Carve out some time to determine which people in your life make you squirm and create a strategy for making boundaries (finding emotional homes for them, if you will).

It doesn’t have to be dramatic and having good-bye conversations isn’t always necessary. Boundaries can be as simple as making a point to only meet the person once a month instead of once a week. Or finding a new hairdresser.

The internet is flooded with strategies, tips and advice around how to identify and mitigate toxic relationships – edit your searches and remember keeping people in your life for fear you’ll have no friends is on par with keeping stuff that no longer serves you.


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Step Into Our Table

Wedding season and summer dinner parties equal large centerpieces and cluttered tables. Flat surfaces in general tend to accumulate “stuff”. Here are a few tips for keeping tables streamlined.

De-clutter before dressing – remove keys, papers and anything else that won’t be used during the event. We love all natural lemon cleaners in the summertime!


Don’t overdress – adding too many items to a table means putting them back after dinner (and after a few glasses of vino who wants to bother?). Essential dishes, a vase, maybe a candle and a bottle of wine is really all you need.  


Kitchen and coffee tables are often centralized locations for homeless items – be diligent in keeping them clear by designating permanent places for mail, keys, napkins and non-centerpiece decorations.   

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Step Into Our Receipts

What’s the easiest and most effective way to organize receipts? Envelopes!

Simple, plain white paper envelopes are the best way to house the odds and ends you may (or may not) want to keep.

Label them accordingly and place in a drawer or designated filing cabinet. Revisit every six months and discard accordingly.


Travelling for work? Keep receipts in an envelope, folder or paper receipt holder as you obtain them – makes expense report time so much easier.

Recipe boxes, paper storage boxes and small wooden chests also work (they just take up a bit more space and require dusting).   

We have a friend who likes to scan her receipts and file electronically (so she can organize printed and electronic receipts cohesively).

Great idea, but in our opinion paper envelopes still “fit the bill”.

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Step Into Our Holiday

We’re on holiday!!

Here are a few tips to fully enjoy time off.

Edit your itinerary – it’s not necessary to schedule every minute of your precious time off.  Leave hours to explore, take a nap, read a book or simply enjoy the unexpected.

Disconnect. From everything. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and your work email won’t blow up if you stop checking it for a few days. 

Scared of being overwhelmed upon returning to the land of social networking and the job you love oh so much?  Commit to carving out time to catch up on work and social email before heading back to work.  

Automated “out of office” replies aren’t just useful for work. Use them for personal email and mobile voicemail to let your life know why you’re not responding to the latest pictures of their cat on FB.     

Forget email - take a nap!

Pack properly

And, finally, enjoy!

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