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Step Into Our Pens

The writing’s on the wall. Pen clutter is everywhere!

Stuffed in purses and satchels, at the bottom of junk drawers, strewn over desks and overflowing in holders. Pens are tiny and accumulate quickly.  


We steal them (often unintentionally) from work, doctor’s offices and school libraries because despite how du jour electronic communication is, we always need a pen.  


We’re proposing limits. It’s not necessary to have a billion writing utensils just because throwing them away is inexcusable.  

Donate, donate, donate!


And use cute vintage pencil cases for storage.

We Heart Pens


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Step Into Our Baby Clothes

Oh baby. We were thrilled last week when our friend (and new mum!) Angela gave us the scoop on baby clothes swapping parties and meet ups!


What a neat way to connect with other parents, find some deals and get rid of outdated and no longer needed clothing.


Kids grow fast (so we’ve been told) and constantly need new sizes. Swapping parties makes shopping and donating fun! Find one in a neighbourhood near you.    


Not feeling social? There are numerous online options as well.

Have you checked out yet?  

For craft lovers Angela suggests reusing children’s clothes as fabric.

Have fun hanging out!

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Step Into Our China

Cheryl recently inherited various place settings of the ever-ubiquitous Blue Willow china pattern (which in its previous life sat untouched in a cabinet decade after decade). 


Interesting stuff for a hard-core minimalist who doesn’t own a couch or a kitchen table. Her cutlery selection is limited and if you saw her mug collection you’d think she was … mugged.


Nonetheless, Cheryl has committed to using the china on a daily basis, from toast to foie gras.   


Why? Life is short and saving dishes for special occasions leads to rare and infrequent use. More often than not china acts as décor, collecting dust and misleading guests around one’s financial status.

We all have an item we intend to pull out at a dinner party or special gathering but rarely do. Our challenge this week is to use the pretty and expensive stuff. From silverware to vases to vintage wine glasses.  

Don’t feel like eating off vintage plates or drinking out of tiny tea cups? Use them as serving trays, candle holders, vases and soap dishes.


Otherwise, contemplate saying goodbye.  

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Step Into Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!


Time to bring out the flags and other miscellaneous Canadian themed decorations. 


Can’t remember which closet, storage bin or basement pile they were tossed into last year?


Refrain from buying (or accepting) more decorations and commit to a) locating the ones lost to the clutter underworld and b) carving out time to find proper homes for all holiday/seasonal paraphernalia.

Labeled storage boxes (found at any dollar store) is the easiest storage solution on the planet.


You’ll never miss decorating for a holiday again! 

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