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Step Into Our Giftwrap

Every customer we work with has some form of gift bag/giftwrap collection – predominately stored in basements and bedroom closets. 

These collections include, but are certainly not limited to, random pieces of ribbon; ripped and folded sparkly tissue; gift bags galore; gift tags and wrapping paper (new and preserved).  


Holiday and seasonal wrap is an entirely separate blog. Stay tuned.

We Heart Kaboodle

Gift paraphernalia adds up quickly. And all those seemingly little pieces result in a large clutter puzzle if they’re not given away or recycled frequently. 

Invest in a dedicated storage box, basket, bin or drawer for the items worth preserving and commit to purging every few months.  Keep only the gift bags you love (and will love to re-gift) and forego hanging onto to them “just in case” one is ever needed.

Use A PegBoard

And Shelves

Wrapping it up,

Beth & Cheryl


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Step Into Our Pegboard

Wall Mounted storage boards are a super easy (and inexpensive!) way to use vertical space while organizing and displaying everyday items.

And everyday items acting as art.

 Also perfect for tiny spaces.


Not keen on the perforated aspect of the visual? Our friend, a new restaurateur, just shared his secret of magnetic wall paint!

What a perfect way to display art, grocery lists, love notes and whatever else your organized heart desires.

Call us if you’re … stuck.

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Step Into Our Garage Sale

Who doesn’t love the thrill of finding a treasure? That’s what garage sales, yard sales and street sales are all about!


We love them because they’re incredibly quick and easy ways to get rid of stuff.

Package purchased items in no longer needed gift bags.


The trick to preparing for a garage sale is (like all things in life according to us) compartmentalization. Separate items into piles (like with like) and label (price) as you go.
Check out Peter Walsh’s neat tips and tricks for organizing a successful sale as well.


Finally, don’t be discouraged if everything doesn’t sell. This is a perfect opportunity to leverage your local Goodwill, Value Village or Salvation Army outlet.

And refrain from “reclaiming” the leftovers. You’ve already gone through the process of sorting and hauling stuff from every stuffed crevice of your place (while schlepping around in your bath robe in front of the whole neighbourhood at 5am).  

Why turn back now?

Call us if you need help hauling stuff away!!

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