Step Into Our Greenery

December 17, 2011 at 1:55 pm Leave a comment

The ritual of bringing fresh greenery into one’s home during the dark, cold month of December is rooted in the ancient Pagan tradition of celebrating Solstice (or the return of the Sun).


No need to reiterate how this ancient tradition of collecting beautiful green and red foliage (that the earth still spoils us with despite the bleak, death-mirroring landscapes of the darkest days) has turned into a plastic, BPA-filled, clutter disaster. We’ve all become aware of how the commercialization of this tradition is directly and explicitly related to holiday stress.

Historically the winter months were valued as a period to rest, re-group, ration, and wait for spring. Not to shop in dehydrating malls with fluorescent overhead lighting to purchase things we’re not sure people will want, use, or have storage space for.

The majority of Canadians have committed to simplifying their holiday traditions and even their decorating rituals. We encourage our Customers to let go of the plastic santas, snowmen (snow-people?), and opt for more “green” (pun intended) ways to express their holiday cheer.


Going outside with friends and family (or even alone for some “me” time) to gather and collect pinecones, red branches and fresh greens is a lovely way to re-connect with the earth. We also encourage decorating with fruit and fresh flowers – items that will brighten up any space (and that don’t require storage for an entire year).


Happy Solstice!


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