Weekly Challenge

Tiny steps towards total home organization …

1. Throw out your ugliest, rattiest, outdated t-shirt. We’ll show you ours, if you show us yours.

2. Go through all of your unused handbags, satchels, backpacks, and computer bags. Remove any existing content, sort through, and find a proper home for these long lost items (or throw them away!).

3. Track your spending for one week. Share your surprises with us!

4. Edit and organize your tools – find a proper home for them. If you’re a tool minimalist, edit household items such as scissors, exacto knives, sewing kits etc…

5. Buy something you REALLY NEED. Use it/wear it right away!

6. “Snoop” your own medicine cabinet. Toss or dispose (i.e. bring medications to your pharmacist) accordingly.

7. Choose an item that you find hard to get rid of. Ask yourself why you’re holding on. Call when you need us to pry it out of your hands.

8. Untangle tangled jewelry using the method we provided. Find a way to prevent the tangles from happening again.

9. Find a home for your passport, Social Insurance card, health card and other pertinent documents. OR tell us the name of the fuzzy, googley-eyed, characters that adorned everyone’s desk from 1982-1986.

10. Find a condiment you haven’t used in over 6 months. Either use it in a dish/recipe, give it away or toss.

11. Go through your most treasured photographs. Find a way to properly display or preserve them. Email us your favourites!

12. Did we miss a resource or brilliant throwaway idea? Tell us and we’ll de-clutter a space in your home for FREE!

13. Pass this onto to every bachelor you know!

14. Edit your junk drawer!

15. Buy real, non-synthetic, essential lavender oil and use it to clean shelves and drawers throughout your home. Aromatherapeutic!

16. Toss spices you haven’t used in a year. They get moldy when they’re oldy!

17. Dump your underwear drawer and get rid of your out dated, too small, ripped, holey underwear!

18. Pick a kitchen cabinet, empty its contents and de-clutter. Once you’ve finished one cabinet why not start on the next?

19. Moving? Packing? Call us!

20. Say goodbye to at least one gift you no longer need or use. Trust it will be put to good use by someone else.

21. Be inspired – hook something up!

22. Start small and choose one closet or cabinet in your home. Empty your secrets and ask yourself those hard questions.

23. Deal with or delete an email that has been sitting in your inbox!

24. Contain your space.  Round up common themed miscellanea and store more effectively using a basket, storage box, or plastic/glass container

25. Find someone that actually uses a product they purchased from an infomercial!

26. Go through your vitamins/herbs, herbal teas, and other “all natural” products (purchased with the intent of improving overall health and wellbeing) and discard those not used in a year.

27. Clean out your car! No car? Find a consistent home for your transit pass or Windex your bicycle.

28. Own a collection? Go dust it!

29. Cancel a current magazine subscription that you don’t read cover to cover. Check out their website instead!

30. Planning a trip for the upcoming winter holidays? Create a packing list. Not going anywhere? De-clutter your luggage (there’s bound to be toss-worthy items!) or store using less space.

31. Take ten minutes to file/sort through paperwork that’s been sitting on your desk (home or corporate office). Bills and mail definitely count.

32. Edit your laundry routine by pre-separating colours and materials in designated baskets/bags. Not going to happen? Dust, dust, dust!

33. Create a shoe care kit and store it in an accessible spot!

34. Toss/donate an item (doesn’t have to be a toy) you or your kids haven’t used in six months.  Do it now!

35. Donate, sell, or give away a CD not listened to in three years.

36. Get rid of all expired beauty products.

37. Clear a flat surface – simple!

38. Edit your cleaning supply inventory and toss items rarely used. Then go scrub your toilet with baking soda.

39. Edit your closet! Start small and begin with one type of clothing (i.e. sweaters or jeans).

40. “Book” some time to de-clutter your book collection and give away or donate at least one.

41. Toss one winter accessory not used or worn in the past six months.

42. Go light a candle and enjoy!

43. Find storage solutions for your garage, basement or storage closet

44. Complete one of our Easy Wins and enjoy the sunshine!

45. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

46. Dust, dust, dust!

47. Spend 15 – 20 minutes cleaning a space in your home you’d rather not touch. Vacuuming, dusting and a few drops of a citrus based essential oil go a very long way!

48. Pretend you’re throwing a last minute party and de-clutter your living space.

49. Wear an article of clothing or accessory that hasn’t been worn in over a year. Feel ridiculous? Toss or donate.

50. Toss ripped socks. Or make a sock puppet!

51. Bored? Edit your board games. Or play one.

52. Take a Holiday!

53. Organize your miscellaneous receipts!

54. Clear off the kitchen table – for good!

55. Make a boundary with someone in your life. Pets count.

56. Toss unused or outdated seasonal decor.

57. Use the good china!

58. Donate some clothes.

59. Toss or donate a pen not used in over a year.

60. Have a garage sale or sell no longer wanted/needed items on-line.

61. Use vertical space as a storage solution. Hooks definitely count.

62. Toss unused giftwrap (and gifts while you’re at it!)

63. Take a break from reality television shows and organize your sock drawer.

64. Update your hangers.

65. Toss no longer needed paperwork or file accordingly.

66. Donate a pair of shoes not worn in a year.

67. Make holiday entertaining simple by using compostable dishware.

68. Say goodbye to a letter, journal, card or picture that no longer serves you (setting it ablaze is optional!)

69. Get ready for winter by organizing, cleaning or mending your accessories.

70. Reassess your keepsakes and commit to discarding at least one item. Taking a picture of the item is allowed!

71. Purchase or borrow a copy of the Shopping Diet and apply Phillip Bloch’s strategies. We’ll lend our copies!

72. Put a lid on plastic container clutter!


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